Patient Compliance and Medication Adherence - Patient Follow Up

There can be many reasons why your patients are not complying with their prescribed drug therapy. Reasons include fear, denial, cost, unrealistic expectations, impatience and lack of education. Issues can be emotional or complicated by their disease state. WRB designs and executes successful customized patient compliance and medication adherence programs to address each reason for non-adherence and encourage patients to take their prescribed medication as directed. We can provide counselors, nurses, social workers and other specialists combined with database management, email, texting and fulfillment services to create a comprehensive support and patient follow up program.  Our services include:

  • Multi-channel support and tailored fulfillment¬†
  • Automated medication reminders (text, email, phone calls or
    direct mail)
  • Inbound 800# information and counseling lines
  • Outbound counseling