Medical Information and Drug Safety

Our Heritage is in
Medical Information

Established in 1996, WRB has become one of the leading companies that pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device manufacturers choose for outsourcing medical communications. WRB has extensive experience providing medical information and drug safety services, to support your medical affairs program needs. We have built hundreds of programs and have handled more than 2,000,000 medical information inquiries for our clients since our inception. We provide accurate and crucial product and disease education information to your customers (patients, healthcare professionals, caregivers, consumers). Core services we provide you and your customers include:

Core services we provide you and your customers include:

  • Medical Information/Medical Communications
  • Adverse Event Reporting
  • Product Quality Complaint Reporting
  • AE Case Management
  • REMS Support
  • Medical Writing and Literature Search
  • Fulfillment

WRB Specialists are highly qualified and trained to recognize and document AEs/PQCs – we’ve handled more than 300,000 AEs/PQCs for our clients. WRB adheres to our clients’ Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as well as relevant regulatory requirements including HIPAA and 21 CFR 314.80, 211.198, 803. WRB has an established set of Corporate SOPs and program level Work Instructions which govern all aspects of the work we perform on your behalf. Our Compliance Officer is deeply involved with each and every program, reports directly to our CEO and works with our clients and their teams maintaining SOPs and assuring program compliance. 

We provide flexible options to document interactions -- we can securely access your internal applications remotely or we host a third party validated software platform – the widely used Information Request Management System (IRMS). 

Our drug safety group reviews and ensures the quality of AEs and PQCs, writes case narratives and codes cases directly into your drug safety platform.