Healthcare Inside Sales / Tele-Detailing

WRB Communications has been working with healthcare, biotech, pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers for more than 17 years providing affordable and effective ways to reach and influence targeted healthcare professionals. We help you to determine the multi-channel scope of your healthcare inside sales program, which can incorporate tele-detailing, video-detailing, e-detailing, and/or medical telemarketing components.  We work with you to develop communication strategies, creating appropriate conversation guides and configuring our CRM platform to capture information necessary to drive your business and to gain insights for your future strategies.  We can serve as a short-term solution to help get messages out quickly (example - formulary announcements or product recalls) or develop long-term programs to drive your ongoing business needs.


WRB Communications can customize a cost effective tele-detailing/medical telemarketing program to influence purchasing, usage, prescribing or recommending of your products or services.  We can successfully reach physicians, nurses, office or hospital staff, pharmacists and other healthcare providers via the telephone either as a sole sales force provider or to  supplement an existing field sales force.  WRB understands the inner workings of medical offices, hospitals and pharmacies and knows how to gain access to decision makers, build relationships and influence behavior over the phone. 

Web Collaboration 

An effective supplement to tele-detailing is utilizing web-collaboration, often called video-detailing or e-detailing, to allow the customer to see the representatives and view videos, PowerPoint slides, webpages and other sales collateral visuals that reinforce the message and discussion. These interactive tools can be viewed by healthcare professionals, during a phone discussion with a WRB representative, on their computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone. Often these tools increase the length of the interaction and improve retention of the message.

Click to Call/Click to Chat

With a click of a button, healthcare professionals can initiate an interaction with a sales representative.  Using “click” technology provides an easy way for healthcare professionals to speak with a representative at their convenience, to make appointments, to place orders and to get answers to questions quickly.