September 14, 2011

WRB Communications Announces New President

WRB Communications has selected industry veteran, Ron Abel, as the company’s new President. Abel brings with him decades of strategic vision, industry expertise and broad leadership experience. Abel, a graduate of Penn State University, succeeds Sylvia Williams who will continue serving on the company’s board.

Abel is an accomplished leader with a proven record of championing excellence and building strong companies. As president, he will focus on leading the company’s continued growth strategy, expanding service opportunities and further establishing WRB’s position as an industry leader.

“Throughout its 15+ years, WRB Communications has enjoyed strong, creative leadership and I am excited for the opportunity to lead the company into the next chapter of its history,” said Ron Abel. “I am impressed with WRB’s commitment to delivering the highest level of service, its dedication to quality and investment in technology.”

Abel is a CPA and former member of KPMG who entered the call center outsourcing industry more than 20 years ago. He has held prior executive positions including SVP Operations, EVP Sales and CFO, building specialized practices in high touch customer care and marketing communications, for such companies as TMS Health and Telerx. “We, as a company, are organizing ourselves to continue providing the quality work for which we are known, while positioning WRB to meet our clients’ requirements of the future.”

Ron’s broad experience includes working with FDA regulated contact centers helping healthcare companies influence/retain patients, consumers, members, providers and physicians. “Our efforts are focused on offering our clients a diverse and refined portfolio of contact center services to better address the needs and requirements they face both today and in the future," said Abel.