April 16, 2012

Continued Growth in 2012

Successful growth at WRB Communications has created new jobs in the Washington DC, metro area. WRB welcomes 4 new healthcare client programs including two outbound sales initiatives and two inbound medical information and consumer affairs contact center programs. We are hiring full-time Managers, experienced sales agents, customer care professionals and healthcare communication agents, including Registered Nurses. 

WRB partners with top companies across pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device and healthcare service organizations – our services extend to large corporations as well as companies launching their first product. Ron Abel, President, commented, “We have a great blend of client partners at WRB which fits extremely well with our ‘boutique’ position in the marketplace. Our laser-focus on quality, experienced agents along with our advanced technologies, all contribute to the steady growth we’ve experienced in 2012. Plus, being located in the Washington, DC metro area provides us with the greatest candidate pool of experienced and bilingual agents to handpick from.”

Our newly implemented outbound sales programs include reaching physician offices to support sales of a leading healthcare software platform as well as a sales program reaching Case Managers to facilitate the enrollment of patients into the client’s healthy lifestyle program. WRB’s inbound programs include providing medical information, the intake of adverse events and products quality complaints, consumer support and handling post-contact fulfillment. These new services have resulted in deploying a new CRM system, CallScripter, and expanding our use of the Information Request Management System (IRMS).

WRB continues to invest in its people, technologies and infrastructure including beautifully renovating its facility in Virginia. The entire WRB team is excited by the changes that have occurred and those that we have planned for the near future.