About Us

WRB Communications delivers white-glove, multi-channel contact center solutions for healthcare manufacturers and service organizations, such as, co-payment foundations and remote patient monitoring service providers. Founded as a medical information contact center more than 20 years ago, our services have expanded to include patient, physician and consumer support programs focused within the pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostic, and biotech industries. Our services support a wide range of therapies including diabetes, multiple sclerosis, oncology, parkinsons and rheumatoid arthritis to name just a few.

The WRB management team consists of highly experienced healthcare professionals and contact center executives with more than 100 years combined experience setting up and executing a wide variety of customer facing initiatives. We connect with healthcare professionals and patients via a multi-channel approach (phone calls, text, web chat and video) meeting the needs of your customers. No matter the size of a program you are assured your program will be staffed and operated with the highest quality and expertise you and your customers should demand.

WRB is achieving and exceeding customer expectations. Quality is a cornerstone to our approach to exceeding your expectations while meeting the regulatory demands as well as those of your internal and external stakeholders.

Washington DC